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homework-may-9-2019 [JVeZHZ00]

Web Dev Class

Homework 5/9/2019

Create a complete personal website from scratch, using the bootstrap framework.

The final website should have:

at least 3 pages: home, portfolio, contact.

The home page should have information about you. Introduce yourself to the world as a web developer. Mention a few hobbies and add a photo (it does not have to be you on the photo), and list links to your other online profiles (facebook, etc...) if you have any.

The portfolio page should have information about web dev projects you have worked on in the past or are currently working on. It should be a showcase of your skills as a developer, with links to your completed projects or working prototypes. We can build on this skeleton page over the weeks.

The contact page should have your contact information and a form for visitors to contact you with at least 3 elements (name, tel, message). All form fields should be validated. Use your choice of HTML5, jQuery or AngularJS for form validation.

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