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Questions to ask the hospital during the tour:

  1. What labor and birthing equipment do you provide? For example, birth balls, peanut balls, squat bars, showers, jetted tubs, rocking chair, birthing stool, etc.
  2. What pain management options are available during labor?
  3. How many people are allowed in the delivery room at one time? Is there a limit?
  4. Who should I give my birth plan to?
  5. Will I be allowed to move around freely and get in the tub or shower during labor?
  6. What is the episiotomy rate at this hospital?
  7. What is the cesarean rate at this hospital?
  8. How do you (and this hospital) feel about doulas? Can you recommend any?
  9. What positions do you allow mothers to give birth? Can I push in more ways than just on my back in stirrups? Can I push on my side, on hands and knees, squatting, etc.?
  10. Is your partner and doula allowed in the room for a c-section?
  11. What security measures are there? Do people have to be buzzed in, are there security guards, and is a device placed on my baby to make sure he/she can not leave the floor?
  12. Are there specific hours for visiting? What are the policies for visitors?

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